Kickstart Change--What Is Confidence?


  • Confidence can be defined as your level of certainty in your ability.  That can get a little sticky, though.  It can backfire on you.  For example, you're scheduled to go to a job interview.  You go to the interview and when it's over you are confident, you are certain--that you blew it;  that you didn't get the job.  Not good. 

  • Confidence is a skill that can be improved.  Yes, that's true.  It is a skill that can be improved, with time and practice.

  • Confidence comes with competence in something.  Say you want to learn how to ski.  You get out on the hill, you practice, and over time your competence improves.  And then, one day you get out there and everything goes wrong.  You get all tangled up in your skis, the ski conditions aren't good, the snow is yucky.  You stomp off that hill and declare that you will never ski again.  You're done with it.  So, even the competence you gained up to that point wasn't enough to keep you on that hill, practicing.

  • This is my favorite--Confidence is a willingness to try and trust that you'll figure it out.  Give it a go.  And even if you fail, you'll learn from it.  You'll try again and again until you succeed.

  • So, can you relate to any of these definitions of confidence?

  • Fill out the worksheet linked below the video.  

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  • I look forward to reading your answers.  And, if you have any questions, please let me know.

  • Enjoy.