Welcome!  I'm so glad you decided to make the commitment to kickstart change in your life!  Dig into the information provided to learn about coaching, me, yourself, and this month's featured topic:  Confidence Building.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule your complimentary 60-minute coaching session with me, email me at amy@acnlifecoach.com.  I usually respond the same day or the folllowing day. Explore.  Learn.  Enjoy.  

The Snowball Effect Confidence Building Challenge!

This is a month-long challenge to do something each day to build confidence--to improve confidence in the particular area you are struggling with until you feel competent and confidence in it.  Then, go on to the next smallest area of concern, and the next, etc.  You may find yourself gaining momentum and flying past the last day of the month to tackle other areas/issues you may not feel super challenged by but still find yourself holding back.  Go for it!  Or, stick to the month only.  It is your choice.  Do what you can, step by step, to get out of your comfort zone and improve your confidence.  And, celebrate every...single....step.... forward toward true confidence.

Are you ready?  I know you are.  Best of luck!  And, if you have any questions or feel as if you need to check in with me, email me at amy@acnlifecoach.com.  I check my messages often and will get back to you as soon as I can--usually the same day, certainly within 24 hours. 


Okay, get set.  Annnnddd, Go!

  • First, make a list of and give yourself credit for each of your strengths and accomplishments.  How can you use your strengths to boost your confidence in the areas in which you're struggling?  What tips can you use from the journey toward past accomplishments that may help you conquer your current struggles with confidence?

  • Then, notice and give yourself credit for the little things you take responsibility for, daily tasks completed, each person contacted, each instance when you help a neighbor, give someone directions, complete an assignment, make a phone call you needed to make that maybe you dreaded, help someone do something that is simple for you but difficult for them, take the initiative to do a simple task (sorting items to be recycled, or making a pot of coffee at the office if you're the first one to arrive even though you don't drink coffee) that you normally leave for someone else to do.  Notice it, celebrate it.  You are growing your confidence bit by bit.  

  • Next, take the smallest confidence challenge you are currently struggling with and take baby steps to improve your confidence in that area.  For example, it may be talking on the phone, asking for directions, trying a new recipe, or talking to someone new at the office.

  • Once you have conquered the smallest hurdle, you most likely have gained some confidence.  Tackle your next smallest confidence challenge issue (and the next--as many as you want to work on) and  build on that confidence you already gained.

  • With competence comes confidence.

  • Practice, take baby steps, and tackle and conquer increasingly difficult confidence challenges in order to develop true confidence.





"What Is Confidence?" Notes

"What Is Confidence?" Worksheet

"What Is Confidence?" Worksheet Answer Key


















"What Confidence Is Not" Notes

"What Confidence Is Not" Worksheet

"What Confidence Is Not" Worksheet Answer Key





10 Savvy Ways To Be More Confident

  • Great tips!  Give one or all a try.  Which ones resonate most with you?  



Self-Esteem vs. Confidence

  • What exactly is the difference between self-esteem and confidence?  Find out here.

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