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If you wish to submit a testimonial, first of all, thank you so much!  Second, email it to me at with "Testimonial" in the subject line. Thanks again.  I appreciate you!

Sara G.


Amy is a great choice if you're looking for a career coach. She's great at listening to your concerns and needs and helping to steer you in the direction of what makes sense for you. She's also great at teaching you how to narrow down your focus when you are someone like me that can't focus long enough to stick with one thing and see it through. She has a lot of great resources that she shares with you along the way to continue through your process, and is always happy to help or answer any questions outside of your scheduled calls. I definitely recommend her to anyone needing help finding a new path or help learning how to focus yourself for success.


Alan C.

The tutoring that Amy does is very good--as much about life as language.  

She is a very patient person.  She helps me a lot with my English.  From building trust in myself to speak a language that is not my own, to correcting pronunciation of difficult sounds, like "TH."  Taking classes with Amy has helped me a lot in my job as it has in my daily life.

I would recommend the tutoring services that Amy offers.  She is very good at what she does.

Alejandra T.

I take ESL classes with Amy.  I started in January 2018, and I can say that it helps me in many areas of my life.  I'm from Peru and took English classes for months there, but I never had the confidence to speak freely.  But with Amy's help I started to improve.

We usually have one- or two-hour classes twice a week and that helps me a lot because she spends her whole time just with me, working on pronunciation, writing, reading, and grammar.  I love her classes because she's always prepared with exercises, reading material, and fun.

During the second month with her, I had the opportunity to get a better job, and seven months later, I took an English test for college.  My score really surprised me because I qualified to be in ESL--Advanced Level.

Amy and her classes are having a positive impact on my life, we have fun classes and have developed a good friendship.  Thank you Amy!

Mimi H.


After getting a personalized coach recommendation I was matched with Amy Colgan-Niemeyer. I found this experience to be very positive. Amy was understanding, fun, fair, and a great pleasure to work with. I enjoyed all of our sessions. We worked on confidence building, improving communication skills, and becoming more independent. She taught me some valuable lessons and coached me through difficult situations. I would indeed recommend Amy to people who need a listening ear, to those who desire to make a change in their life, and to anyone who would like to have not only a life coach, but also a dear friend for life!


Juanita D.

Discovering Coach Amy Colgan-Niemeyer has enhanced my life. When it comes to some areas of my life, I have the horrible habit of procrastination and an exhausting case of hoarding. Put the two together and you really have a mess! Without judgment, Amy has motivated me by helping me discover the best way for me to look forward to accomplishing the tasks at hand instead of setting them aside. As far as the hoarding goes, the help with procrastination has helped, but we continue to work on letting go of the items that do not enhance my life.


Diane M.


I recently completed Life Coach sessions with Amy and I found her very easy to talk to and felt that she was listening and actually hearing what I was saying. She prompted responses from me in the form of questions to get me thinking of how I could affect my own solutions while gently steering my toward some concrete advice. I feel she nailed it perfectly in my Vision Statement at the conclusion of our sessions and I will be listening and reading it over and over to keep myself on track. Thank you Amy Colgan-Niemeyer!



Greg M.

Amy is truly motivational and helpful and has your best interests in mind. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get you results and the number one thing that I can say about her is she is truly a great listener and will provide the exact guidance that you need! I highly recommend working with Amy!


Kathy C.

Having met on a weight loss support site - myself as a participant and Amy as a trainer - she and I have been communicating since Spring of 2012.

Our group is fortunate to have Amy included in our professional support - not only is she prompt with either a direct answer to our questions or the appropriate site if we want to research on our own, she consistently maintains contact to insure the information is helpful and provides further assistance should we have additional questions.... which happens often!

Amy is steadfast - although many of the other trainers have slipped off the grid - she has not. Her dedication to the health and well-being of each of us is obvious in her staying-power, her questions and concerns, and her support in helping anyway possible to get us closer to the goals we seek.

I believe Amy will be wonderful as an online coach. As a mover and a do-er, she is constantly on the go, so don't expect to skate through your coaching program.....unless skating is part of the program! Results speak louder than words, so what are you waiting for?


Anne B.

If you want a Boot Camp, a Quick Fix, a Marine Sergeant - don't come here. However, if you want long term support, someone who will be there, someone who offers instruction, information, support and challenge, then you have found the right person.  Amy is a people person who wants you to have a long term future and not a quick fix.

She cares about people and my interactions with her support this statement.  She asks what I need, offers solutions, advice, encouragement and will actually let me know if I am not working on my program.  She will let me know what is important for me to do to get where I need to be.  Need, not want.  Wants are daydreams, but needs are reality.  She is my reality check and my comforter and my guide.

Thanks Amy.

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