Kickstart Change--Benefits of Arts In Coaching






















The arts can help us:

  • process emotions.  They make emotions visible so we can explore our feelings and thoughts.  Creating, and then reviewing artwork with a coach, can bring insight and comprehension of those emotions and thoughts and behaviors, and provide a better understanding of experences 

  • find clarity and meaning.

  • release pain.

  • improve our self-expression.

  • uncover and release outdated patterns.

  • heal past emotional pain.

  • tune into our intuition.

  • explore our deepest dreams and desires.

  • bring out and share and understand difficult situations, challenges, and thoughts.

  • reduce stress, get back to center, and increase our sense of well-being.

  • facilitate self-reflection.

  • put emotions and non-verbal experiences into words.



  • art expression can help us stay in the present. 

  • creating, and reviewing artwork with a coach, can bring insight and understanding of emotions and thoughts and behaviors, and with thqt, a better understanding of life experiences.

I invite you to start experimenting with the arts as helping tools and notice the positive difference it makes in your life.  Drawing, dance, writing, journaling, scrapbooking, painting, sculpting, woodworking, pottery, collage, music--whatever you choose.  Try one, mix and match, see what resonates with you.  Which of the benefits mentioned above have you experienced? 

Feel free to share your choices, plans, artwork, discoveries and insights with me.  Any questions?  Ask away!