What Is Life Coaching?

The International Coach Federation's definition of coaching is: partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


"In order for coaching to work, there must be a commitment to exploring, changing, learning, taking risks, persevering even when it is hard, investing the time and energy, go beyond (your) comfort zone and step into the unknown."   from "Co-Active Coaching:  Changing Business, Transforming Lives," Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandahl and Laura Whitworth


I help you, the client:


  • develop the best answers from within; your own answers

  • discover your own answers that will bring you closer to the life that you want by asking the right questions

  • develop a clear vision of exactly where you want to go

  • clearly articulate your desires

  • look to the future and create plans to move forward toward your dreams

  • attain success through nurturing and motivation

  • identify the step by step actions needed to achieve success

  • prioritize

  • dig deep to discover what in your life works (and expand upon it) and what doesn't (and work to improve the situation or distance yourself from it)  

  • discover what is draining your energy and ways you might be able to remedy the situation and make a positive change

  • discover your own insight, intuition, and solutions that work best for you

  • make clear, informed decisions

  • by providing support, empathy, enthusiasm, motivation, and accountability on an ongoing basis

  • by celebrating victories, both little and big, in order to motivate and encourage you to stay on your path toward a more fulfilling life.

  • discover your potential

  • have fun learning more about yourself

  • recreate your life via the arts


Important qualities for a coach to possess: 


  • communication skills

  • listening skills

  • understanding

  • optimism

  • professionalism

  • trustworthiness--providing a safe environment that encourages growth and change

  • honesty

  • empowerment

  • ability to guide and encourage behavior change

  • ability to patiently guide you, the client, on your journey toward positive life change


What coaching is not:


  • Advising*

  • Consulting*

  • Counseling*

  • Psychotherapy*


*For these services, please consult a qualified, licensed professional. 


Your Role


  • Please take time before each session to complete and email the session prep form that I will provide to you by email.

  • Please take the time to sit quietly for a few moments before each session begins.  Put the events of the day aside and think about what you would like to take away from the session. 

  • Please arrive at every session on time, prepared to actively participate.

  • Give me feedback during each session--what works, what doesn't, how you would like to progress.


My Role


  • I will listen to you, respond to what I hear you say or to what you have written/created in response to an exercise, and ask questions.  If at any time you sense that I’m off the mark, please tell me.

  • I will sometimes interrupt the conversation to clarify what I am hearing or to keep the conversation focused on the heart of the matter in order to help guide you and keep you on track.  I ask that you not take these interruptions personally.  A coaching conversation is different from a conversation with a friend.  Please let me know if you feel offended by these interruptions so we can discuss the matter and come to a mutual understanding. 

  • At the end of each session, I welcome you to let me know what you will work on in the time leading up to the next session.  If you don't mention anything, I will make some suggestions/requests.

  • I am your coach.  I am your guide.  This is about your life; your decisions, plans, and actions to make it the best life it can be.  You are free to accept, decline or work with me on alternatives to any suggestions I make. 

  • I ask you to stretch yourself.  Work at making your life the best it can be by doing the exercises, resolving issues, challenging yourself, making healthy changes--and, as a result, watching your life come to LIFE!