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The Principles of Coaching with Art

  • It is very important that we (both client and coach) set boundaries to reduce the risk of coaching sessions turning into counseling sessions. 

  • I am not a counselor, therapist, advisor or consultant.  I am a coach.

  • I will make observations regarding your artwork, be curious, facilitate the connection between you and your artwork in order to help you move toward clarity and problem resolution, but I will not tell you what to create, or judge or interpret your artwork.  

  • It is client-centered:  only you know what your artwork may mean, I don't.  I will provide a genuine, accepting, and empathetic space for you to express yourself and discover your own answers and potential through your artwork​.  

  • It works with the whole:  using art  to express what's going on inside you.  It enables you to safely explore emerging visuals, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences, that may be difficult to express verbally.

  • It's a physical process:  You use your body to create your artwork--the way you position yourself, the materials you use, the types of strokes and forms you make, how you decide what you will make--and in that process you express yourself and your feelings.

  • It works with flow:  When working in flow you lose track of time, you get into the zone, you aren't aware of your surroundings, you are totally into what your are creating--super-focused.  I will create a positive, supportive space to facilitate this flow state. 

  • It uses the language of the image:  We will talk about your artwork as a whole, what you depict, or we'll mention colors, media used, strokes made and so on.  This help you to uncover hidden truths and gain awareness.

  • It always has a clear purpose and intent:  To avoid straying outside coaching boundaries and my abilities, sessions and exercises need to be introduced with a clear coaching purpose and intent.  

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