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Dream:  Something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a long time; a strong desire or purpose.


Is there something you've wanted to do, be or have for a very long time?  What is it?  What do you really and truly want?  What is your passion?  Do you have a strong desire or purpose that you're just itching to make reality?  Think about it.  "If you can dream it, you can do it," said Walt Disney.  He was right.  And, if you have no clue what your dream is, what your purpose is, or where to start, know that there is hope.      

  • I'll guide you as you seek and find answers, uncover and work through layers of uncertainty, doubt, and fear that are keeping you from your answers, your nugget of truth, and from living a fulfilling life.    


Imagine:  To form a mental image of something not present.


Now, imagine that this dream is actually happening.  You're making a mental picture 

of exactly what you want to be doing.  You're doing it.  Okay, what are you doing?  How does it feel?  What do you see?  Who's there with you?  What do you hear?  Let your imagination run free.  You're putting together the pieces of the puzzle, trying out ideas, seeing what works and what doesn't.  

  • I'll guide you as you explore different paths to see which one suits you best, which one feels most natural to you.  We'll role-play difficult conversations, help build your confidence.

Believe:  To accept or regard something as true.

Okay, you've got that image of success in your head.  Now, believe you can do it.  Act as if you already have it, did it, made it come true, within reason.  Don't go throwing your hard-earned money around if you have barely enough to pay your bills. Instead, believe in yourself and your abilities.  Talk positively about your plans.  Believe with all your heart that you can succeed at making your dreams happen.  Belief is huge.  It is the bridge between your imagination and reality.  It is the catalyst that helps you take all you've imagined and take action to make it reality.  It helps you realize your dreams.


  • I'll guide you as you bolster your confidence, asking questions that will reinforce confidence and your belief that you can actually take what you imagined and make it reality.

Achieve:  To get or reach (something) by working hard; to become successful; to reach a goal.

"I've made it!  I've succeeded."  I'd love to hear you say this, to celebrate your success.  But first comes the hard work--strategizing, sweating, trial, error, bite-sized action steps, little successes, stumbling blocks, bouncing back.  It may take days, weeks, months, or even years to reach that moment when you are successful and have reached your dreams, but if you think it, feel it,  eat it, sleep it; if you think positively and put your heart and soul into the process of making your dreams a reality, you can make it happen.  By concentrating on breaking the seemingly insurmountable goals down into manageable bite-sized tasks and action steps, you'll see how it is possible to make your dreams come true.  Yes, you can.  Follow you dreams, imagine them coming true, believe they can happen, and take steps to make them reality.

  • I'll celebrate your success and help you build strategies to keep up the momentum, maintain confidence, and live your life fully.

Recreate Your Life Via The Arts

Does your life need a touch up?  Does it need a major revitalization?  This happens now and then.  You are a beautiful person stuck on autopilot, perhaps, and need guidance to move forward.  You may be living a life you don't recognize or feel interested in anymore.  Okay, how about this?  Are you artistic?  If so, cool!  If not, no problem!  I invite you to incorporate the arts into your DIBA Program in order to take a fresh, new approach to problem solving and dream realization and life living.  I will guide you to create or recreate your life in order to get moving again, and live it more fulfilled.  To shine.  To find your purpose.  Whether you doodle, draw stick figures, pain like Monet, sculpt like Michelangelo, or explore other art forms of your choice, the arts can help you to open your mind, explore possibilities, gain insight, solve problems, and faciliate positive life change.

Not into painting, drawing, or sculpting?  No problem!  Do you knit?  Do you love to cook/bake?  Are you an actor?  Do you enjoy attending theater productions?  Do you enjoy scrapbooking?  Do you love woodcarving, wood working, ceramics, textiles, glassblowing, metal work, weaving, or crafting projects of all kinds?  Are you a writer or musician?  Do you enjoy journaling or storytelling?  Do you love to read or sing or dance, or listen to music?  Then including an art component in your DIBA Program could be for you.  Check out the FAQ page for more information, including what coaching via the arts is and the benefits of it.

I'd love to help you realize your dreams, make things happen, make your life the best it can be.  Are you ready?  Contact me at and let's get started.  I also welcome questions, so ask away!

*Source:  Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Dream.  Imagine.  Believe.  Achieve.*  --The DIBA Program

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