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Coaching With the Arts:  Working With Me

If you decide to work with me,

  • We'll discuss your creative space:  where you will create your artwork.  Sessions take place via Zoom, as I mentioned, but where will you physically create your work?  It is important that you pick a place that is quiet, comfortable, and where you feel safe. You also need to choose a space that has enough room to work on projects of your choosing.  If you decide to use a public  or co-working space to create your art, make sure you follow rules and regulations regarding the types of materials you use, surface protection required, and clean-up facilities available. 

  • Also, time management.  We'll need to discuss how much time you'll need to complete the full  coaching with the arts session: 


  • There are three different plans available for Recreate Your Life (as is true for each of my four programs):  3, 6, and 12 months.  We will meet for 1-on-1 coaching via Zoom every 2 weeks. Sessions can run from one to two hours in length.  You are responsible for providing your own art supplies for use during the sessions.  The possibilities are fairly wide.  You can use pencils, colored pencils, pens, permanent markers, chalk, charcoal, wood, metal, yarn, cloth, thread, sewing needle, clay, paints, pastels, glue, scissors, tape, pencil sharpeners, magazines, journals, music, dance moves, construction paper, poetry books, coloring books, poster board, canvas, sketch pads, and so on.  

  • If you are finding the process of making art difficult, I'll invite you to share your art story--what you tell yourself about art and your ability to create it--and experiences as we explore potential barriers.

  • Another way break through barriers to creating your art is to play with the materials you have available to you with no real purpose.  Doodle, and see what comes of it.  

  • I'll remind you that you don't have to be artistic to participate in coaching with the arts.

  • I'll share with you examples of art to get you started, from my own artwork, to postcards, to magazines. 

  • How about giving collage a try, ripping pictures from magazines that you want to use in your creation in order to depict the images inside you, your thoughts, feelings?  

  • If you can't seem to find a way around the barrier to working with art, then I will present other ways of working to get around it.  You are free to embrace or ignore these suggestions: 

  • I will create the space needed to encourage images to come to you, without judgment or censorship.

  • You, the client, will take the image from your mind and  bring it out into the world by creating art.  You express yourself through the process of making your art, using your intuition and instincts to guide you.  

  • I will work with you to help you understand your art and find meaning in it--to connect to it.  I cannot know what the image may mean to you; only you can know that.

  • I will begin coaching you once you are clear about what area you want to work on.

  • I'll encourage you to take notice of new ideas, understanding and insights gained during each session as well as between sessions.

  • introduction/review what has happened since we last worked together 

  • create your art without feeling rushed

  • explore and connect with your art and find meaning in it

  • be coached by me on what thoughts and feelings emerge from your artistic expression  

  • We can drop it and switch to "words only," coaching--engage in the art of conversation, which can also be a powerful experience. 

  • We can always revisit coaching with the arts at a later date if you want to try it again.   

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