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Coaching With the Arts:  Complimentary Session

  • We'll start with a 45-minute complimentary Zoom video conferencing session to see if we are a good coach-client match. All sessions are held via Zoom only, to allow for sharing of artwork.  If you aren't familiar with Zoom, visit for more information on this free video conferencing tool.

  • I'll invite you to share a bit about what led you to seek out coaching via the arts and the medium/media you prefer to work with. 

  • I'll share information on my coaching fees and packages

  • I'll explain how the sessions are run, options for length of sessions, and where they will take place (Zoom only). 

  • I'll also explain why I coach with the arts and my personal experience with the arts as coaching tools. 

  • I'll talk about the importance of focus and purpose.

  • I'll explain how powerful coaching with art is so you can make an informed decision about whether or not  this method of coaching is right for you. 

  • There must be clear boundaries set so that we don't venture outside coaching--for instance if the exploration of your artwork is becoming too stressful, you can stop at anytime.  You also aren't required to explore your artwork with me at all. 

  • We'll discuss confidentiality and what happens to your artwork at the end of each session as well as when we are no longer working together.  Your artwork belongs to you and what happens to it is up to you.  I will ask your permission to take photos or have you email or text me photos of your artwork to include in your client file. 

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