Sample Coaching Session Dialogue

The following is a totally made up sample coaching session dialogue to give you an idea of what to expect during a coaching session.  In this example, Charlotte is a 30 year old female dealing with the fear of losing her boyfriend if she tells him the truth about her chronic health issues.  It's not based on any actual encounter I have had with a client, but it gives you an idea of how a coaching session goes. 


COACH:  Hi Charlotte.  How are you?

CLIENT:  I'm good, thank you.  Looking forward to getting started.

COACH:  Me too.  What would you like to talk about today?  

CLIENT:  I've got some great news about my weight loss goal.

COACH:  Okay, great.  How are you progressing?

CLIENT:  I finally hit my goal weight.  I have lost 20 pounds since starting to work with a trainer at the gym a few months ago.  

COACH:  Wow!  That is wonderful.  How does that make you feel?

CLIENT:  Pretty awesome.  I still can't quite believe it.  And how good I feel.  And, I went to the doctor yesterday and my A1C level is normal.  So good that I'm off my meds.  

COACH:  Charlotte!  That is incredible.  Did you celebrate?  

CLIENT:  Yeah.  I got a new outfit.  It's really pretty.  Also, I love jewelry, but I don't have a great place to keep it, so I got this really pretty jewelry box that I've had my eye on for awhile.  

COACH:  Oh, that's great.  What a nice way to celebrate.  You've worked hard and you stuck to your plan and made it happen.  That's amazing.  ...  What about your other goal?

CLIENT:  Oh yeah, well, not so good.  I tried like we talked about last time to talk about my health problems with my boyfriend, but I chickened out.  I tried but  -- nothing.

COACH:  What are you afraid of?

CLIENT:  That he'll be grossed out and hate me.

COACH:  Do you love him?

CLIENT:  Yes, so much.  He means the world to me.

COACH:  Does he love you?

CLIENT:  I think so. He is really nice.  He is good to me.

COACH:  Do you hope to have a future with him?

CLIENT:  I hope so--but I don't know.  I feel like I would be lost without him, but I'm afraid to believe I could actually spend my life with him.  It seems like a dream.

COACH:  You want a future with him.  Okay, can I share a scenerio with you for a second?

CLIENT:  Sure.

COACH:  He's really good to you.  You don't tell him this very personal and private issue because you are afraid you would lose him.  What happens if he does fall in love with you and you do commit to each other and down the road he finds out about it?   

CLIENT:  I may lose him anyway.

COACH:  Okay, so what does your gut tell you to do?  

CLIENT:  I guess my gut tells me I should talk to him before we get really far into the relationship, although we haven't been dating that long, a couple months.  But, I mean, we're not talking marriage yet, but I guess I don't want to wait too long to tell him.

COACH:  Okay, good.  When do plan on telling him?  

CLIENT:  I am seeing him tomorrow.  

COACH:  Are you prepared to commit to talking to him tomorrow about this issue?

CLIENT:  Yes, I am.  I will.

COACH:  Okay, that sounds good.  Do you want accountability from me?  

CLIENT:  That would be a good idea, I think.

COACH:  So, what could I do to hold you accountable?

CLIENT:  Well, be someone that I can contact when I actually tell him, maybe?  Maybe I could email or text you?

COACH:  Sure, I can do that.  When will you contact me?

CLIENT:  Wednesday morning sounds good.  I don't work until afternoon.

COACH:  Okay, I will be waiting for your message.

CLIENT:  Okay.  Sounds good.  

COACH:  We have about 10 minutes left in our session.  I'd like to recap if I could and wrap things up.

CLIENT:  Sure.

COACH:  You made your goal of losing 20 pounds, which is amazing, and you are seeing positive results healthwise in that your A1C is normal and you're off your meds.  Yay!  You haven't yet talked with you boyfriend about certain health issues that are very private to you, but you say that in your gut you know it is best for your future relationship if you do tell him, and you plan on telling him tomorrow.  And you have requested that I hold you accountable, which I will do.  You will message me on Wednesday morning to let me know you have told him.  Does that sound good?

CLIENT:  (Takes a deep breath) Yes. 

COACH:  Okay.  Any other goals you'd like to set for next time other than talking to your boyfriend?

CLIENT:  I'd like to start journaling to maybe build my confidence.  Kinda figure stuff out in there by writing it down. 

COACH:  That's a great idea.  How often will you write in your journal?

CLIENT:  I will try every night before I go to bed. 

COACH:  That's a great goal.  Journaling can help a lot with figuring things out, getting all sorts of thoughts organized and out of your head.  Nice!  And, feel free to share any of the entries with me if you like.  Or you can keep it private.  That's your choice. 

CLIENT:  Okay, I think I'll keep it private for now, and then maybe share some things I learned from it maybe sometimes.

COACH:  Sounds perfect....What big take-aways did you get from our session today?

CLIENT:  That I should go with my gut when I'm confused or scared.  That I can make my goals happen if I just stick with them. 

COACH:  Excellent.  Wonderful to talk with you today, Charlotte.  Well, we are just about out of time, so how about we schedule our next session?.   

CLIENT:  Sounds good.

Of course, each client is an individual, so coaching sessions are individual as well, to fit the client's needs, personalities, goals, etc.  Sessions can be structured or flexible.  We may work through areas of concern by following the steps of my DIBA program. We may do brainstorming, role playing, a vision statement, and other exercises. Or, I can simply sit and listen, offering little input, while you talk, working through issues, using me as a sounding board of sorts.  It's up to you.