Kickstart Change--How Music Can Be Used In Coaching  Worksheet 

Answer Key

  • Music is a powerful agent of change and stress relief.

  • Music can affect your physical body, emotions, mind, and actions.

  • Music can be used to boost your mood, mindset, and perception of any given situation.

  • Music boosts endurance to solve difficult problems, tasks and challenges.  It helps keep you going.

  • Music can be used to support you on your jouney to a more meaningful life.

  • The purpose of music in coaching is its ability to speak to you on a deep level and awaken your authentic self.

  • Music can influence who you are and who you want to be.

  • Music in coaching can help you focus on resolution, open your mind, and facilitate relaxation.

  • Music can help you break down barriers, find clarity, and motivate you to bring about meaningful change.

  • It's not the type ofmusic you listen to or physcially play on an instrument in coaching that counts, it's that it moves you to take action toward positive change.