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I have personal experience dealing with the confusing, crazy, awesome, scary, wonderful teen years.  Mine were complicated a bit by the fact that I had mobility issues.  All I wanted to do was fit in, and I felt that using a wheelchair made me stick out.  I was horrified.  Luckily, I made a friend at the start of high school (forty years ago!) who changed my world.  He gave me confidence, helped me believe in myself.  Rather than treating me like I was somehow inferior because I got around on wheels rather than by walking, he treated me like, well, any one of his friends.  He treated me as if I mattered but not that I was special.  Do you know what I mean?  There is a difference.  Yes, we all matter and we are all special in our own way, but he treated me as if I mattered and was specail because I was me, not because I was someone to be pitied.  That was huge!  Thanks to his support, and the support of my family, I joined clubs, went to school dances, went of school trips, and made more friends.  He is still my best friend today!   

I strive to be a welcoming, supportive, professional, knowledgeable, and considerate coach, putting you, the client, first.  I'll guide you on your life journey as you set goals and take action to meet those goals, including breaking down potential barriers to success.  I'm here to support you as you take steps to make your life the best it can be.  

Is teen life coaching for you?  If you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions, you may benefit from teen life  coaching.  Do you:

*want to learn how to get out of your own way?

*want to build confidence, belief in yourself, trust in yourself and others?


*want guidance on educational goals?

*want to get more organized, hone time management skills?


*have mobility issues due to an injury or medical condition that holds you back from being your true self?


*want to learn to focus, pay attention, stay on-task?  

*want to learn how to be more independent and take more responsibility for your own life and actions?

*need accountability, motivation, guidance and/or support to get through a temporary setback?


*have issues with family and/or friends?

*want to become more social, make friends, deepen connections with others?


*feel "stuck" or lost?



How it works

  • Send me a message with Teen Life Coaching Info Request in the Subject line via the Contact Me form to get more information or ask questions. 

  • If you are under the age of 18, I will need to make an appointment to talk with your parent/guardian to get consent to talk with you about coaching/work with you as your coach. 

  • If you're interested in coaching, and would like to take advantage of my free 45-minute phone session, fill out the form on my homepage, and I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a time that works for both of us.  During the call, we can get to know each other a bit, find out what your goals are, find out what you're looking for in a coach, review my coaching style, have a mini sample session, review my various coaching packages, and find out if I might be a good coach for you. See if we click.  

  • If you decide to purchase one or more coaching session(s) or one of my coaching packages, I accept payment via Paypal.  We will discuss a payment schedule that works best for both of us.

  • If you are under the age of 18, I will email you a consent form which your parent/guardian will need to sign and email back to me before payment will be accepted or paid coaching appointments will be scheduled.

  • You'll need to get a Paypal account if you don't already have one, in order to work with me.

  • After you purchase one or more coaching sessions or one coaching package, I'll email you a contract to review, sign and email back to me, plus a Welcome Packet.  
  • Then it's time to set up our first session. I'll ask that you fill out electronically and email back to me the intake form and various other forms from your Welcome Packet no later than 24 hours prior to our first session, so I can review them.  You are responsible for calling me to begin each session.  Any long distance phone charges incurred are your responsibility. We'll review your intake form together during the first session, I'll answer any questions you may have, in this and each subsequent session.  

  • Sessions may be structured or unstructured.  Structured sessions follow the DIBA method.  I guide you with questions, exercises, homework assignments, etc.  Unstructured sessions follow a more informal method.  For example, I may start the session by saying, "So, what would you like to talk about today?  And you talk.  I may offer input, suggestions, ask for clarification, etc., but basically you talk about what you are having difficulty with.  This method is for clients who basically need someone to talk to, to listen, to bounce ideas off of, to organize thoughts and ideas in order to figure things out, take action, and live a more fulfilling life.  

  • Whether you choose structured or unstructured sessions, ongoing coaching sessions involve reviewing the progress you've made on action steps since the last session, celebrating victories, guiding you in revising goals as needed, deciding on the action step commitments to work on for the next session, motivating you to commit to taking action to achieve your goals, and guiding you toward reaching those goals.

  • I will email you a summary of each session within 24 hours of the session.  If you are under 18, your parents will get a copy of the email unless they waive that right.  

  • Periodically during our contract period, I will email you resources related to topics we've discussed.  (Videos, studies, articles)

  • Please read my coaching refund-cancellation policy carefully.  


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