Kickstart Change--10 Savvy Ways To Be More Confident!

Are you looking to build confidence?  I invite you to try any (or all!) of the tips suggested and see which one(s) resonate most with you.  I also note below the graphic which of my coaching programs key on each of the suggestions listed.

Feel free to share your choices, plans, discoveries and insights with me.  Any questions?  Ask away!

  1. Envision Your Success:  My DIBA (Dream-Imagine-Believe-Achieve) Program explores envisioning success, building confidence and taking action.  What is your dream?  Your vision?  We'll dig deep to uncover your true self, your nugget of truth, your nugget of gold, that you want to pursue.  Imagine it coming true, being there--the scents, the visuals, the people, etc.  What does it feel like?  Does it feel right?  Or not?  What is happening?  Where are you?  Then we'll work on the belief that you belong in that world you dream of, that you can do what you imagined, and then work at actually taking the steps, taking the actions to achieve your dreams.

  2. Know Yourself:  My Recreate Your Life and Identity Perception Program/Life Story Exploration, Alteration, and Building programs can help you to get to know yourself and to facilitate your ability to recreate your life and explore and clarify your identity in order to live a more confident, meaningful life.  Recreate Your LIfe utilizes the arts as tools to help you get what you want out of life, retool your life so it's more in line with your values and is meaningful.

  3. Play to Your Strengths:  My Grow Your Confidence program especially includes work on discovering and playing to your strengths.

  4. Accept Failure As Part of Life:  My Grow Your Confidence program especially keys on this.  Accepting failure as a learning experience is a crucial part of confidence.

  5. Learn How to Disarm Your Inner Critic:  My Grow Your Confidence, DIBA, Recreate Your Life and Identity Perception Program/Life Story Exploration, Alternation and Building programs all key on disarming your inner critic and/or rewriting old stories and changing limiting beliefs.

  6. Know How To Engage Your Inner Sage:  Going with your gut!  Going within!  We talk about this in DIBA, Grow Your Confidence, Identity Perception Program/Life Story..., and Recreate Your Life. I guide you to go within to discover your authentic self. Then we work toward bringing your true self to the forefront of your life and involve it in everything you do in order to have a more satisfying life.

  7. Love Learning and Be Open to Change:  I am a huge proponent of life-long learning, personal development, and being open to change.  We talk about the growth mindset in Grow Your Confidence.  We also talk about the importance of change and a growth mindset in Recreate Your Life.  Really, being open to change relates to all the coaching programs I offer.  To build confidence or make any changes requires being open to learning and change.

  8. Take Decisive Action:  All programs cover this topic.  Without action your intentions, plans, goals, dreams--anything you want to do, anything you want to have, anything you want to be, any changes you want to make--cannot come to be.  

  9. Take Calculated Risks:  Any meaningful change involves a certain amount of risk, so each of my programs cover risk taking--calculated risk-taking.  Nothing rash or unreasonable or dangerous, but something outside your comfort zone that you plan for, practice, and commit to in order to make meaningful changes in your life.

  10. Give Yourself Full Permission to Be You:  This is so important!  No one can be a better you than you can!  You are unique.  You are awesome.  You are you!  Commit yourself to being you, being curious, growing mentally, emotionally, socially, professionally, intuitively and more, changing in ways that feel authentic to you, and celebrating that curiosity, growth and change.  Again, all my programs can guide you to be you.

If you would like to learn more about my coaching programs, contact me(Still need to figure out where to send people with questions on coaching programs.  I also still need to revise DIBA header to include all four programs plus the four together that Denise suggested, and link pages to those that explain each program.  Use DIBA as a guide for others regarding what information to include.  I also have to revise all pages to represent new programs and formats, including FAQ.  I can't launch this membership page until all the programs are done since they are connected.  Bugger!  Ah well.  Do another month of this membership and then dig into the new programs so I can get crackin' with this.)  Super duper note:  Use WBECS books when developing my programs.  Some are inserted in Growing Confidence Program (see Riveras' Confidence Coach Course material) notes already, but look at all of the books I've read for insights and ideas, especially Coach The Person Not the Problem by Marcia Reynolds and The Heart of Laser-Focused Coaching by Marion Frankling.  Gold!)